The right to belong

Through educational processes, consulting, skills development and socialization we aim, for every individual separately, to be gradually integrated into the society again, to be autonomous, independent and able to create relationships with other individuals.

The process of social inclusion, which means the placement of an individual into a social group, is influenced by the willingness of a person to be part of a social group and also by the interactions created between the other members of that group.

We should also mention that we don’t indicate to a person which group he/she should be a part of, but we create the circumstances so as for that person to be able to make that decision on its own. Belonging into a group requires intended and not random efforts of inclusion between individuals.


ecoming social means learning cultural concepts, rules and values. It might also mean acceptance or rejection of an inclusion that has already been made or the possibility of an inclusion different than the one that already exists.

By co-creating, cooperating, accepting others and co-existing, every person succeeds in evolving his/her personality as a whole. In this way, he/she also becomes a mean through which culture, values, rules, behaviors and tendencies are transmitted but also becomes a part of the society’s maintenance and evolution.

Koukkida, a new Project of Steps

Koukkida, a new Project of Steps

A drop-in-center where every person can leave their mark.

Always there, open to all those who need a space of expression, self-dependence and interaction, Koukkida provides free services, empowerment workshops, recreational and educational activities.