One Stop - Steps Org


Every Wednesday and Sunday evening, Steps in collaboration with many other groups, created on the roof of synAthina (Varvakios market square), a corner open to every person who needed access to free services and activities that should be a given for everyone.

First aid, washing clothes, bathing, hair cutting, hot food, music, playing with children, library, legal advice, human rights information, made up the effort of this initiative to bring people closer.

On this route we partnered with Ithaca Laundry, Mano Aperta, Medical Volunteers International e.V., Khora Asylum Support Team, Society of Social Psychiatry P. Sakelaropoulos, ECHO Refugee Library, MAMbrella.


Portions of food




Haircuts & Showers


First Aid Incidents


Blankets & Sleeping Bags



With the support of

The organization’s van helps Street Embrace teams to approach people that experience social isolation.

A mobile, multi-use spacious van with a well equipped kitchen, two gazebo tents, a big tent above them, and two patio heaters. Once it arrived at the predefined by the Street Embrace team spot, it created a safe and warm space around it, open to everyone in need.

A quick look at One Stop

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