We give the opportunity, to street connected people, to feel safe. Through specific and adjusted, depending on the current needs, hospitality programs, we ensure these circumstances that will give each person their dignity and security back.

In this way, we break the vicious cycle of alienation and exclusion and offer people their right to privacy.

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Housing Programs

Night Stop

Direct and urgent programs of housing, with duration from 1-9 days, at hotels that we collaborate with or small apartments. The goal of this is to either protect people that are in danger, or for the prerequisites to be created and the necessary actions to be made so as for us to proceed with a complete housing program.

Safe Passage

Intermediate housing programs, with duration from 1 day to 6 months, in small apartments. The aim is to create a safe and steady environment. Part of the program is informing and providing consultation from social scientists of our team and also skills development to the people being hosted, and, from their part, provision of community service.

My Home

Hospitality program, with duration from 7 months to 2 years in small apartments, with the goal of socialization though education. We don’t believe in big hospitality structures that have as a result the institutionalization and the entrapment of the people. This is the reason we chose to proceed with hospitality programs in small apartments in the city.

The implementation of the above hosting programs is directly linked to the currently available financial resources of the organization.