Would you save the one you love?

Would you save the one you love?

World 2019.

“Thank you, I do not want any more, I have eaten a lot of sugar today”
“This course is super-salty but super-tasty.”
“It is the sixth coffee that I drink today to keep working!”
“I want you, I want like crazy!”
“Give me just one more minute, I finish that game and turn the pc off.”
“ …Heroin’s overdose. (S)He does not breath, do come quickly!”

All of the above is a kind of overdose. Isn’t it that all of us experience moments of overdose? Sugar, salt, coffee, pc and love may not instantly kill you but heroin – as any opioid – does.

If you have an overdose from some opioid and the medical staff will not arrive on time, you die. This is the reality!

Specifically, more than 60.000 people in the world die every year from drugs’ overdose.

Is there any antidote to overdose? Yes. Naloxone.

What is naloxone?

In 2014, the World Health Organisation (WHO) positions naloxone as an elementary medicine and it edits guidelines for its proper use, In 2017-2020, naloxone is consisted in the EU and the UN’s policies for drugs. It is an emergency medicine, which brings the body back to normal functioning until medical personnel arrive.

It is an emergency medicine, which brings the body back to normal functioning until medical personnel arrive. Naloxone is the substance that can literally reverse the effects of an opioid (such as heroin) on the body and is used in cases of overdose in order to bring the human back to life.

It can pass into the blood in two ways: intravenous use, via a syringe, or in a nasal spray. Within a maximum of 5 minutes after its administration, naloxone restores the person’s breathing.

In order to save someone from an overdose, naloxone can be used by a simple, unskilled medical person, with the help of a naloxone package containing everything necessary for its safe use. All it takes is a brief training to anyone possibly in need to use it.

Only in the EU countries and based on official data, in 2018, 8,200 lives were lost due to overdose. From 2012 onwards there is a 62% increase in deaths.

At the moment, the Take-Home Naloxone program is being implemented in 10 European countries, including Britain, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Scotland and Wales.

At the same time, in 7 European countries, it is possible to use naloxone in areas of supervised use, in the context of reducing the harm from the use of psychoactive substances.

Greece 2019

The creation of supervisory sites was approved by the Greek parliament by 229 votes, and the national drug plan is a step ahead of its implementation. Free access to naloxone packages with all the essentials for safe use, however, is missing from the plan. Naloxone remains the privilege of medical personnel.

That may be late and when it is, the overdose of heroin -as we said- has the power to kill you – and this never comes late.

Greece 2019. Would you save the one you love?

The claim is clear:

Naloxone should finally be removed from the list of only hospital drugs and made immediately available to the users themselves, their parents, friends, companions and anyone close to people with problematic opioid use.

Support our campaign for the free disposal of naloxone today! – #naloxone-saves-lives #give-naloxone-kits-now

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